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Water entering into the system or lubricating systems reduces the life of lubricant significantly and causes other components to be damaged.

The most reliable method to find water within lubricant is to measure subunit between water and lubricant. Water alarm unit has a buoy which rises in water and which lowers in lubricant. Accumulation of 90 ml will be sufficient for the buoy to rise at observation glass and to run warning signal.

Water Alarm Unit has been designed to be mounted at the bottom level of tank over two connection lines. There are high pressure types, if requested.


Reliable physical Measuring System

High sensitiveness

Easy Installation

Independence from lubricant chemistry

Using Installation Kit



Technical Data, Sizes

Maximum working pressure                                                                                  
Maximum working pressure                                                                                 
Working temperature max.                                                                                  
Maximum viscosity                                                                                                
Connection Types                                                                                                         
Threaded connections
Changeable connection
Maximum working voltage                                                                    
Maximum refraction capacity
Maximum current                                                                                                    
Connection part Maximum
Cable Connector                                                  2
Weight approximately
*NO=normally openMaximum                                                

Installation kit 

Installation kit enables water alarm unit to connect easily to lubricant tank leak-proof. The kit conforms to all connections and cut-off valves. These connections provide very small “dead” volume. Upper connection part is a flexible hose enabling easy installation.



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